1. I heard all the information.. I got approved and i have pay dates of 2022 but i did not receive the money

    1. I’ve been approved for 22 months no paydates verification was successful but i lost my phone with sim card and my wallet with my cards

  2. Ive been aproved since april 2022 bt i only received money for oct, aug, sept, july & nov 2023 pls help me with my outstanding payments for the previous months

  3. Hey am Khanyiso Ntsizi I’d number is 8408315922085 cell number is 0631528929 Ihave 2years approved but there’s no date for long time I need help please its been long now with
    + please check for me

  4. Help me get to 350 since we approved January no dete n my srd grant is declines when I apply apples we pending no approved since 2023 March

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